Poem 7pm 6/6

Andrew Hall


I have been forced to starlight

and except reality

the stark nature of your beauty

must be soul

The economy is snowing

and the wind screams "reason"

Poetry was written before time was


Brahman does not

taste good

but we eat it anyways

Have you ever had heart?

One bite, and Earth,

Air, Fire, and Water

can't be ascertained.

The ocean is a body

and she sleeps so

deceptively silent tonight

She wants to embrace me

but the sun wants to

go out drinking

and the moon,

the moon laughs at us

because we keep on falling

for the same old disappearing act

over and over again.

The rejection of closets

are beside the point

down here where the

words are put together

we all breathe the same

breath at the same time.

Desire is the beginning

of confusion. Yes, the ocean

knows how to swim.



Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790