ragamuffin: best of breed

Sheila Murphy


insidious competitive estrangements blame kismet for opposing north.

the worth of ivy its its corresponding brick, say theologians adhering

to the dogma and the tuckpoints and somatic instances of wrung hands

entitled to immersion therapy replete with snug canvas and light silk.


the call to armistice means a tan is less attainable today than winters

ago, when advance copies of the tarmac went to seed before a person

had the chance to read and challenge. chattel went along with singsong


priests to show togetherness of mild possessions, and once more

the weekend had the feel of work built in, the ilk of many harvests equals

many missed starvations, a modicum of resolution for the nonce,

and betters placed where bitters are. infinity arouses half suspicion

once the truces made to stanch a flow incite a larger yet less bracing


altercation, meaning poison that infects what it inflects, downsizing

turns cosmetic when detritus falls to tracing any impulse to deprive,

to hoard, not to assimilate, and to leave unsorted to be soiled

the remnants of division problems left at table to turn ounces into boulders.

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