Vol.2 Issue.1

Artist Statement:

I consider my work intimate, as if I am whispering secrets into a reader’s ear. Much of my work has a confessional tone. In person, I am a horrible liar; I give myself away by giggling or looking guilty. On paper, however, in fiction and poetry I can confess and lie simultaneously and in the same breath. I can mask the truth in invented circumstances or behind a form, line break or the smallest pause for breath.. “Something like that” comes from a conversation I had with someone I just met at a party. I have no idea why she began talking to me but her words stuck with me for days, long enough for me to write a response through a poem. “laurel” was written on bar tabs and napkins one night as my friends teased me about “always writing.” I have a chaotic writing process. So, I write many poems about writing, or about poetry itself. As you can see in “laurel” I mention that the poem is being composed on bar tabs. “to say something about nothing” is also about the process of composing, though it begins with waking from a nap. I often dream first lines that never go anywhere but sometimes, in a poem like this one, I follow it to the end. In some ways all three of the poems are about things unsaid, which if you know me makes perfect sense. After all, I told you I was a liar.

to say something about nothing

Devon Fitzgerald


I woke from a nap

too late

after dreaming

of Peru.

(I think it was)

with its Lima


always mispronounced

and associated with

green vegetables

not even grown there

which isn’t to say

they couldn’t be

or shouldn’t be

or anything of the sort

and this took off from

my sleep eyes

and groggy mouth.


I’ve forgotten

to feed mr. red fish

or answer mother’s question

and I’d like to know

what happened with

this poem.

I suppose (sometimes)

it’s what you don’t say

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