Amy Outland


Voicemail messages

& calls you never return

Japan & your girlfriend

Bread & chocolate (& work but you work in bread & chocolate now)

These are the things you think about

We’re not in high-school anymore

You don’t live down the street

I can still quotes every line from The Breakfast Club

Even though

We’re not the same people that we used to be.

Sometimes I remember

That time we went to your ex-girlfriend’s sister’s wedding reception

& I got drunk & danced until you had to hold me up

Sometimes I wish I would’ve vomited in your car.

& then

Maybe then you’d remember

The time you took that ditzy blonde chick to the dance

& called me to help you when she drove the car

That I wished I’d vomited in, into a ditch.

You’ve gotten a new car since then

But I still wished I vomited in it.

We told people we were like Will & Grace

Only you were straight

& we never dated

I stayed home when you went to college

& when I went to college you dropped out

With grand plans of Japanese travel

& you wound up working in bread & chocolate

You say you’ll visit but I won’t hold my breath

I’ll just write this poem

& remember everything that you’ve forgotten

& how much I really wish I’d vomited in your car


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