A. Flynn

The Waiting Room


I remember hearing my mother pray to send me to her. I remember the way she used to speak to me as if I were already born. She’d say “I can’t wait until you get here. I miss you.” This was part of the reason that I chose her and my father for parents. I knew they could teach me lessons I need to learn. They would help me to become stronger in the areas where I am weak, and to grow from life in a way that I had not previously experienced.


In the Waiting Room, time is spent strategically planning the next move in our educations. Choosing the correct life path for ourselves is a critical part of what we do. Our choices will greatly impact the general population of your world. Everything we do, say or touch will have repercussions, and everything does happen for a reason. I hear you humans say that quite often.


At this very moment, I am sitting in the Waiting Room. This is what I shall call it for the sake of giving it a title. We have no formal name for it on this side. It is certainly not a purgatory, and not a part of Central Heaven. (Heaven is also a name thought up by humans.) It’s more like a department of Heaven, where souls like myself come to work while waiting to be exported into our new earthbound vessels--or bodies as you call them. We spend our time researching which life we should take part in next. Souls are innately different than one another, just as humans are. Actually a human’s ability to be different and think for oneself when on earth is because of their souls. That is why it is so important that we carefully choose our life courses. I always begin the process by asking myself, “What will I bring to the lives I touch when I am on earth, and what they will bring to mine? Where and with whom would I experience the best life education? ” Reflecting on these questions help to make the selection process easier, and to give it a starting point as well as a direction. The point after all, is to learn as much as we can while we are bound to the planet you call earth.


The life cycle on earth is a pivotal part of our education. Birth and death--these are experiences that happen every day. While these occurrences will affect everyone eventually, the depth of these experiences never fail to produce the most profound changes in the people. The magnitude of these events doesn’t seem to truly resonate with humans until the experience is their own. Friends and family have mourned over me in my past lives on earth, when I had taken my last breath of air and exited my body. It’s always terribly hard for the earthbound souls that are left behind. I am no stranger to this ritual, for I have mourned for many as well. This is the usual custom associated with death.


There are rules and guidelines about what happens once a life has been chosen. For example, when we are born into our human selves, we are cleansed of any knowledge about our prior lives. We do not remember the Waiting Room. We do not remember the work we conducted when we were still in soul form. We don’t remember who we were in our prior lives, or how we died in them. As with any rule however, there can be exceptions to it. Some humans may grow to be mediums, psychics, or healers. They are often able to access information from their prior lives, and even remember their time in the Waiting Room. Those that choose to devote much time and energy to their spirit and inner voice can also become in touch with their true souls. Babies and children are often more receptive to these things. Unfortunately, this ability usually fades as one grows older. Humanness eats away at this gift until it is gone.


Because so many of our practices here are standard, we never deviate from steps in which a task is performed. So when something out of the ordinary happens, (such as my mother speaking to me in the Waiting Room--Preutero this is called,) it certainly stood out to me. While prayers from parents regarding a desire for children are often heard in the W.R., it is seldom that a parent actually talks to their unborn child. I have heard many, many prayers for children. Parents pray to be blessed with “a child”. This always sounds to me like they are saying “Give us a child, any child! Any child at all will do!” They don’t realize that their children already exist. They are just waiting for the proper time to go Inutero. Not my parents, however. They weren’t desperate. I knew they were waiting for me. It felt as though my mother was anxious to get a jump-start on our friendship. It’s rare for a soul such as myself to feel so loved by lives that I have not yet touched.


This will be the first time that I will meet the soul that is currently inhabits my earth father. That is, I have never shared a cycle with him before in any of my previous lives. Because souls usually have karmic ties with one another, it is not uncommon to be synched up with other souls’ life schedules. Many moons ago, my mother and I were dear friends. We had lived several lives as sisters, society girls and even schoolmates at a boarding school in the Alps. We had chosen very different paths for ourselves, and throughout our lives we were often led apart. We always managed to keep in touch with one another, and were really quite devoted to our friendship.


In a majority of the cycles we shared together, she passed over before me. This was a source of much sadness and pain in so many of my lives. I would often feel like a part of me died with her. Knowing this, I can count on deep feelings of fear and anxiety about separating from her when I am on earth in this upcoming cycle. I endured losing her so many times in the past that I will always be battling this fear subconsciously. The nature of these repetitive past experiences was so damaging that they have left a scar forever on me. This fear will be a karmic element for me to work on in my upcoming life. These feelings will manifest in several different facets of my human personality. In my relationship with my mother on earth, I will be an extremely clingy child. I will throw a tantrum when she drops me off at school for the first time, and I won’t be able to make it through the night when I sleep over at a friend’s house. I will struggle with these issues as a child and into my teens, even going through periods where I struggle with some OCD behavior and depression. I will be weary of relationships with men for fear that they will leave me. Ultimately, I will make it through my childhood issues and raise a family of my own close to my parent’s home.


Since she is my mother, I will again lose her first in this upcoming life. If I were to lose her a in a traumatic way, (such as an accident or undetected health problem) the cycle of fearful behavior would perpetuate these feelings of abandonment all the more, and would carry over in to other lives after this one. Fortunately and thankfully, she leads a good, long life this time around. While the losses of loved ones are never easy events to go through; the losses of mothers and children seem to be the hardest for humans to experience. They almost always leave dark marks on our souls. With my mother living well into her late nineties, and maintaining decent health for most of her life, the loss will feel more “normal” than any of her previous deaths, and won’t be such a shock. It of course will still be a dismal time in my life, but I won’t feel as “wronged” as I had in the traumas of the past. (I wish we could know while we on earth that there is no such thing as “wrong.” It would make life so much more bearable.)


I will learn in this life how to deal with loss, get through the pain, and let go of my fear. I will make it through losing my mother, and cannot let it wreck me as I have let it in the past. I must do this for the sake of my own children and grandchildren; thus is the circle of life. We must go on living for those that need us, and they must go on living for those that need them. It’s what keeps our earthbound selves whole, our hearts beating, and a connectedness between us all. No matter what differences are apparent on the surface, the cycle of birth and death afflict everyone.


When it was my turn to pass in our previously shared lives, I would always look forward to spending a few moments reconnecting with her in the Waiting Room. I was anxious to discuss our most recent life together, as well as the others we had shared in the past. Unfortunately, our timing was off and I was never able to catch her. I would arrive Home and she would already be Inutero, or perhaps born into a human form already! I often watch her while I’m here. I like to keep an eye on her. Not in a protective way, for there is nothing I could do if she were in danger except pray like everyone else. I am not an angel after all, I am a soul. I so look forward to seeing her again, and a hug is best left to those that are tangible!


I have positive feelings about my forthcoming experience. This is not always the case. I have learned many lessons during my education about who should not take on the role of mother. Some women should be barren. Some men should have the sperm sucked from their very bodies! Before I am conceived into my next life, I have an idea of what my life will be like on a structural level, due to my life planning. It’s hard to prepare for a life when I am aware that I will have parents that are cruel or have addiction problems. It’s all part of our education, however. Once on earth, some factors can be altered if certain life lessons are attained. The ability to make choices regarding your own life is called “free will.” As one lives their life, they will experience certain situations or “checkpoints” as they are sometimes called. To access this will, one must reach a checkpoint, and then make a decision based on the options that are available to them at that time. We schedule these checkpoints into our life plans while we are in the Waiting Room.


For example, I set up a checkpoint where I am offered drugs at a certain age, and my accepting of these drugs could lead to the possible forming of a severe addiction. At this point, I would have several options in front of me. Perhaps I would say no. Perhaps I would say yes and use drugs recreationally without any dire consequences. Or perhaps I will say yes and form an addiction. This addiction may alter my life. I may get into a car accident and exit earth sooner than I had planned. I may go to jail for driving under the influence. I may enter a rehabilitation facility and complete a program. Perhaps after I have received medical attention, I will decide I want to go to college and major in Psychology with an emphasis on Addiction. Do you see how this choice can have many different repercussions in my life? And how with each choice I have opened up many new choices for myself, while eliminating some forever?


My future mother and father have shared many cycles together, and have had bonds with one another throughout time. They have experienced karma that they have yet to work out. Perhaps they will never get their issues resolved. Or don’t want to resolve them. In every lifetime they have shared together there has been some occurrence that has made them choose to connect with one another again. I suppose that after one-hundred-and-twenty-eight lives spent together, searching, finding, loving, hating, and losing one another, you begin to feel an attachment to that person. One would feel a large void in their lives without that same familiar soul.


That’s where the lesson of life becomes so interesting. Once we return to the Waiting Room, we instantly remember what our purpose is there: to learn. We evaluate the experiences and lessons we attained while on earth. We come to your planet with the purpose of learning all we can about human experiences: love, emotion, families, heartache, loss and such. When our souls leave our vessels and return to the W.R. it is very hard initially to shake the human-held emotions that we became so accustomed to while on your planet. We miss and love our families and friends very much, and are often sick from the trauma of our earthly experiences. Upon returning home we are simultaneously overjoyed as well as in severe “pain” due to the separation from our loved ones.


We immediately are sent to a detoxification chamber to be released from our experiences. This process of quarantining helps us to distance ourselves from these emotions. This enables us to take a giant step away from the personal tie to our human lives and better assess our experiences from more neutral ground. This may sound a bit sterile, but it’s much needed time to cleanse ourselves. We are then more able to weed out the important events in our lives from the complicated human confusion that accompanies us Home in our hearts and minds. When we are ready to commence our work once again, it will be easier to peel away the unimportant from the real, the meat from the bone. We then reflect, and log our experiences into records. We do this so that She, the Creator who cannot take on a human presence, can learn about what life is like for those She created.


From this point on we will always have love for our family, friends, and pets that we have left behind. We never forget them. However souls know once they are Home that we will see their souls again. Time is measured differently here, so this reunion can take mere minutes or seconds. It is important to remember that we do not carry hate or negative feelings over to this side at all! So if souls are not able to register the “emotion” of hate or anger, it rightfully inhibits our capacity to feel love in the traditional sense that humans express it. One emotion can not truly exist without the other.

A soul’s ability to register human emotion has never been possible here…until recently. Something is beginning to occur here that has never happened since literally the beginning of time. Some of us have gone through so many cycles, that the emotions of earthbound life are beginning to leave imprints inside us. On the souls of our souls, if you will. The emotions are harder to shake, and the baggage carried with us from life to life is heavier and harder to bare. Experiences of life on your planet are harder to let go of. The situations we encounter on earth are “stronger” than they used to be, if that makes any sense at all. Humans are experiencing deeper emotions in recent lives than ever before. More anger, more stress, and more hostility. Road rage and advancing technology can create more frustration and impatience. Lines of division between race, religion and politics are becoming more defined.


Conversely, activists and charitable organizations are performing more useful and helpful work than they ever have before. Humans devoted to spirituality and peace are achieving this plane of existence on a more constant level, and are better able to spread the word faster and further. Do-gooders’ numbers are multiplying. Emotions are magnified at both ends of the spectrum. I’m not sure if this occurrence (souls bringing human emotions Home with them, I mean) could indicate that something is happening to the balance of life on your planet. The current state of the world could lead to a whole cycle of events that affect us all: souls and humans alike.


The emotions I now sense here makes me feel as though the vale between our two worlds is lifting. Love and wounds for earthbound people can be felt emanating from my fellow souls. Many of the older souls no longer want to return to your planet to continue their education. They don’t have the strength or patience. Ironically, strength and patience really shouldn’t be qualities that a soul need possess when not on earth. Because some souls have gone through so many circulations, the “cells” from which we are made become imprinted with our experiences. Therefore, we have trouble letting go of earthly feelings. If these circumstances persist, the production of new souls would no longer be necessary.

Old souls no longer wanting to return for another cycle on your planet is an occurrence brought on by the state of the earth today. Let’s not forget that Old


Souls have literally been learning since the dawn of time. They helped Her create this planet. They were Her first original earthbound inhabitants. They were dinosaur, frogs, apes and ape-men. They were a red-skinned people trolling the planes on a massive chunk of land, while a dark-skinned people dwelled on another. They later fought in crusades and delved into bloody wars, enduring the greatest tortures known to man. Then they would return to the Waiting Room, document their experiences, and immediately go back Inutero. They are extremely admired and revered because of their commitment to knowledge.


For the first time, they grow tired. In the first thousand lives they lived, things were certainly more barbaric than they are today. Every facet of life in the present day caters toward efficiency. Life was less hygienic, and more unpredictable. In the days of the Old West, one didn’t know if he would be shot before the setting of the sun, or in the nineteenth century if hordes of people would die from a plague. Believe it or not, in the broader scope of life on your planet, those were the days of innocence! Our Old Souls are having trouble ingesting the pollution on your planet, the toxicity of the water and air, and the hostility of the people. The aura (its energy field) of your world is now glowing a deep red-orange where it once was a calm blue-green.


Little spots of magenta would pop up occasionally, if there was some sort of human-caused disaster or great suffering occurring in a particular region. Instances of mass genocide such as Nazi Germany during the 30’s and 40’s or the current genocide in Darfur, Sudan are causing large red spots to appear over the areas where they take place. Blues and greens are few and far between now, and the red continues to spread. The few remaining spots of calm aura are found over spots that humans do not currently inhabit.


This leads us back to why production of new souls would have to be immediately halted. If our Elders were to retire, we would need to ask the next rung of working souls to step up. This would lead to a ripple effect all the way down to the newest souls. The newer souls are re-cycled less often when they are beginning, and require more rest between cycles. Right now on your planet, the population is predominately made up of Old Souls (about seventy-five percent). While the word “old” is certainly subjective, we use this term to describe souls who have lived five thousand lives or more. Again, they were the first inhabitants of your planet. Some souls are known simply as New, meaning that they have lived less than 100 lives, inconsecutively. In the grand scheme, one hundred lives is equivalent to that of a newborn in regards to information and experience attained.


Next on the rung there is New-Old, meaning they have attained their C-LL MARKER of 100 lives lived or more. This moves them up a rung as far as what they are able to handle in their earthbound lives. Olde-Old signifies the completion of five hundred-plus lives lived, all the way up to four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine lives lived. Lastly, some are referred to as “Masters of the Craft” (or MOTC for short. And just to clarify: all Old Soul are MOTC, but not all MOTC are Old Souls). They have been consistently working since the beginning and are often psychic, spiritual leaders, and healers. Some of them even pull double duty for other planets! We seek their advice like councilors, and have unending respect for them.

Stopping all production on New souls is vital to the survival of earth. The amount of New Souls must never exceed the amount of Old Souls residing on a planet at a given time. The world would be in a constant state of chaos if it were run only by New Souls, or even inhabited by too many of them at once! Several of the biggest possessors of power on your planet right now are New Souls--brand new! (Perhaps you can tell).


To stop complete production of the New would place much pressure on the Old. We would be relying on fewer souls to provide the same amount of work, and with a much quicker turnaround rate. This means less rest between cycles, leading to exhaustion. The benefit is that during this time, the newest souls would be gaining more experience with every life they live. Finally, after about three hundred years (your time), we could begin production on New Souls again, as the New would be considered Old Souls by then. At this point they could safely be considered knowledgeable and capable, and would have also gained enough experience to be able to offer counseling services on the other side.

A major variable in this plan to stop production on New Souls is how humans would react to a world that is not only predominant in Old Souls, but with every passing day there being even less New Souls than ever before. Eventually all the souls on earth would be differing degrees of Old. As years pass, the souls would get older and older, and would have become more experienced while achieving more education. With more education comes more retention of cell memory. The souls that inhabit humans could potentially end up with a vast knowledge of everything!


Appearances by psychics, healers and spiritual leaders would double in number, and then double again. Past life memories, sixth sense feelings and strong intuitive (gut) feelings would become more reliable and dependable emotions to have. Soon the ability to rely on these feelings would be the prevalent form of decision making. Humans would encounter people with these gifts more and more often, leading the level of acceptance to rise until eventually becoming a commonplace. Desire for education would be of the greatest importance. Can you imagine a world where these previously societal outcasts such as psychics are suddenly greeted with world-wide acceptance? This ability to get in touch with past-life memories will be due to cell memory creeping its way back into the forefront of the human mind. It will become an innate part of our genetic make-up. Newborns will be born with unprecedented consciousness about the world and their previous lives. Your whole planet would eventually act out of previously attained knowledge, and no longer from lessons being learned in the present. The term “education” would no longer be applicable if this knowledge was given at birth. One would literally be able to access similar situations from their previous lives, therefore avoiding similar mistakes!


If the committing of errors were to no longer happen, the whole world would be affected. We would be slowly eliminating our own purpose. Have you ever experienced what humans call déjà vu? The reason you may feel as though you have experienced a certain moment before is because in many instances, you have done that just that. You begin to recognize souls within their human shells, and this can trigger memories of past experiences or surroundings. Eventually déjà vu will turn from familiarity to full on memories, thus resulting in the complete education of the world.

Souls are not exempt from learning, quite the contrary! We are never fully educated. All of us, humans living on earth as well as souls in the Waiting Room, would no longer commit mistakes or err. We would actually avoid hurting people! We would avoid toxic relationships because we would know there are better mates out there for us. We would not crave the agony and dysfunction that those situations bring.


The grandchildren of our grandchildren will have never heard of gay bashing, racism, or child abuse. We will learn that a two-sided political party is not the way, as it only causes alienation. The same will happen with religion, especially as we all get closer to Her through cell memory. We will learn first what causes diseases such as cancer and HIV and then what cures them. Surgeries would no longer be invasive until becoming obsolete all together. The eradication of diseases will help us to learn on an internal level what substances will have negative affects on our bodies.


Once this becomes common knowledge to every human and to every cell of which we are made, Earth and the Waiting Room will converge into one. We will become all-knowing, and filled with positive energy. What She has planned for us beyond that point is not known. It’s important to remember that while this sounds wonderful, and it is, the education process for humans was supposed to take centuries longer than this. It was intended to be an organic process wherein achieve this state of bliss from the good energy that we create and release in mass quantities because we want better for our world. Not simply with the elimination of New Souls. Since She created humans, you have had (and still have) the powers to help the goal of a peaceful and nurtured world come to fruition on your own.


It is all of our responsibility (yours and mine) to try to make good decisions; to take care of others, to help those less fortunate (and not just monetarily), to be just, to learn not to ingest poisons, and to embrace one another’s differences. We must learn to respect and not to destroy. We must not burn through all the resources that She has bestowed upon us. Remember that resources are more than just water, air and land, but also the abilities to love, to be humble and showing kindness are some of the most important resources that we have. We mustn’t be frivolous with them or each other.

The bottom line is that the power is still in your hands. I hope that our Old Souls won’t give up because they are tired from participating in the Human experience.


I just want you to know that I, an Old Soul, remember what it is like to walk in your shoes, and live life on your planet. I’ll be doing it again soon. I remember the pain, the hardships, and the difficult choices. Yet I also recall the beauty, the laughing, and the love. It is important that the latter is cherished and made a priority the living on your planet. The power is all up to you. The world can be what you have dreamed it could be. It takes selfless work and good intentions. Being selfish or unkind will always keep us the farthest away from our bliss. The “right path” is usually the rockiest, but also tends to reap the finest rewards.


I am a soul, as you are a soul. I will soon be human, as you are human. Let us pray. Pray to continue on with our educations. Pray to give one another strength. Just as decisions are made every day for something that will hurt our Mother planet, decisions are also being made to save it. We all are born, as we all will die. We’re all the same. We all live in Her Home. Love and Humility are our real parents. Those are the real molecules of which we are composed.

Ask Her every day to remind you of these things.


She will. She’s just waiting to be asked.


I’ve enjoyed speaking with you today. I hope you will get in touch with the inherent peace that resides within us all. I know it’s hard to get in touch with once we are in your earthly bodies amidst the chaos of earth. The peace is always with you—in you. Just beneath your surface.


I must get ready now. I’m going Inutero in a few minutes, and will soon after meet my parents. I’ll see you all again soon. If you should find yourself feeling strange after our talk, (lonely, sick or weak), don’t worry.


It’s called Homesickness. And we’ll all be Home soon enough.



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