…A Filed Report

Sean Becker


A girl that I knew

Not all that well.

We had shared a smoke,

Had shared a laugh,

And had talked for an hour and a half about cats.

She had a boyfriend

Who lived out of state

And sometime in May

Got her pregnant.

She was not at all ready

For this change in her life

So she had an abortion,

Of sorts.

One night in the fall

She pumped her body so full of meth

A forced miscarriage.

She buried her act in the yard

While her boyfriend was in the army.

I do not think he ever heard of this,

I did not know him,

It was not my place to say.

Me and this woman

Do not see each other much.

We never look at each other right.

She knows I know,

She knows I’m quiet.

Grass now grows where the event took place

Just grass.


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