Vol.3 Issue.1

Jenna Goldsmith (this is my first reading here at ISU!!)

Senior, English Major, Women & Gender Studies Minor

My favorite poets include Gertrude Stein, Alfred Lord Tennyson and Gerard Manly Hopkins.


Re pair

Jenna Goldsmith


Let’s read.

Connect the dislocation between you and me

Translate the insecurity.

Play with words

Tongue to teeth creating a different beat.


Let’s separate.

Open a window.

Create a space for the wind to flow.

Plaster our vision or

Give it space to grow

Resurrect the childish dream you and I used to know.


Let’s take a walk.

Bridge a gap that didn’t exist in our hearts

Become inspired

Become reborn

Make a chain or draw a chart,

Whatever it takes to forge a fresh start.


Let’s rebuild what they tore down.

Define ourselves, not by what, or where

Or when, or how.

Not by the standards of this love destructive town.

Not by the knowledge of secrets that are


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