Celebrities, Role Models

DJ Phonetics


Celebrities, Role models trying to fit in

This perpetual vehicle fueled directly by chagrin

Obsolete now, says the capitalistic cow

Where is my skin locked within pixels and resolution?

Got them thinking when is there ever gonna be a solution

Never they say, locked behind our glass displays

How can we connect unless we rip the fourth wall today?

Jump off our stages and break the characters we portray

Then the negativity would disappear

No more kids reciting commercial rap while parents drown away in beer

Because power is ridiculous, even more the hands it’s in

Stupidity is your middle name if you don’t realize it’s within

Yourself, your soul, can scream out loud and stand against

This path we are being lead down, I hope you might have sensed

Most of the time we aren’t in control of what goes on

Dollars and coin chess board, all we get is a pawn

King’s screaming get off my lawn, god forbid I’m in front

No real collar around my neck, grinding with all the grunts

Sippin away on my freedom, knowing they got their finger on delete

While rewarding those brown noses suckling on the power tit

Going to see an artist because his name was in bold letters

Wage setters for fame, late night regretters with pain

Raised money for reasons that are exactly the same

Aims of the rockstars, claiming to tell the truths they proclaim

While I’m sitting back laughing, doing the math and graphin

How many people enjoy the music or pissed kickin the staff in

Some stay within the bars which are locking them to sin

Multiple personality dancing away, Ignorance is bliss twin,

From alpha to omega, begin to fin

Corporate Heads Laughin’

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