The Heart is My Home

Nathanial Joseph


He’s from

Chicago Illinois Alberta Canada Manzanilla Trinidad

All too familiar with the sinners path

Translated through the script written with the pen and the pad

A first hand account amounting to the slaves on the middle pass

Age, is simple mathematics not considered a factor

No matter your math one can still manage to add laughter

To life, love, liberty, and the pursuit to be happier

If this seems lost in translation I’ll be the ambassador

Translating the verbatim that seeped in the pages when I created it

Simply hated it when my father came and went

Years ago to this day and I’m remaining spent

I’ll give my last dollar two pennies a ball of lint

I’ll give up everything for an hour to politic

He gave me 5 years then his heart called it quits

A blocked coronary artery was the cause of it

It’s obvious how my heart is stronger now

And ready to preserver through the fear

In my early years I realized there was more to life

With the foresight to rock cords and mics fortnight

And spawn spores of life the more I write…


The more I write

The more I’m alright

I got to learn to love and let go

When the moment is right

What’s your moral to life?


She’s from

Manzanilla Trinidad Chicago Illinois Alberta Canada

Picture this with a 35 millimeter manual camera

Fly from the land of the farm animals

To land at O’Hare craving a Camel pull

Damage the lungs for 6 more years

When this child was born he was warned through kisses and tears

From the deepest wishes to the shiftiest fears

An eager soul on the move but the plate isn’t cleared

A farmer’s daughter sought after like the sisters before her

Of course there’s more to life than a kitchen and kid

So she finds herself in a position to live

Years later, life’s greater when you live it the way you made it

Sorrow? Go and save it

Life is synonymous with adversity

It all depends on where you take it…


The more I write

The more I’m alright

I got to learn to love because it’s special

When the moment is right

What’s your moral to life?

I’m from

Alberta Canada Manzanilla Trinidad Chicago Illinois

Three stories told connected to the soul of a Lilikoi

With passion to pursue a fruitful life

Through the microphone, pen, page, or voice

My choice to view life to the finest of points

Sit back; rejoice no matter the cloud that hangs above

Rearrange past shoulder shrugs to a more hopeful love

If it’s not on point then its close enough

Because everything happens for a reason

Good doesn’t come without pain

So I remain breathing

Perceiving everything from the moon in the evening

To the wind cool breezing in full season

Life is the reason so…


The more I write

The more I’m alright

I’ve learned to love life

This moment is right

What’s your moral to life?

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