Para mi primo

Nathanial Joseph


adjust the scope telephoto focus in close range_gain a perspective to change you're direction_on a road that is so strange_i hope for you sake that it don't turn into a track_left behind with colapsed lungs and a murder wrap_life ain't daylight savings_you can't turn it back_for us_im hoping that forward promotion in accordance with motion guides us towards our goals_choose between quartz or gold_this story of course is told_in a forceful tone_without remorse for those lacking morals_treking the path with their eyes closed hurled towards the gapping hole that is their souls_if you're granted 3 wishes_use em to your discreation_an impression is left like sunlight to my complexion_its hardly remembered_a lesson that i've been stressing_see my cousin is 20 years but he's acting like he's seven_need to pack up his possessions for acting of adolescence_your daughter is 20 months and your the center of attention_i don't respect him_for the faulty lines in our connection_its simple to burn a bridge but way harder to ressurect it_come corrected_recognize the essense in life and its message_instead of an infinite obsession of the material possessions_get a grip_or life will slip like sand through fingertips_seen as insignificant_i found by leaps and bounds that life is limitless_my thoughts amphibious_thats why i spit fluid_between the first floor and the earths core_i try to sift through it_infuse truth to it_movement_matters only when the truth ain't shattered_and in his case he better be glad cause....he's down to his last reflection_the water hole in a drought_i poke a hole in the spout_until the coldness runs out_ressurect his purpose_until i stop feelin' nervous_cause he comes strapped_slanging dope for careers_fold up the note book and hope that he hears.

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