Every word you say to her

Rachel King

Every word you say to her

Becomes a slash on my arm—

Ur killing me w/ every word that

Spills out your mouth—dripping

Brightly colored lies seeping

Thru my skin. From every

Word uve said so far to every

Lie I’ve ever told it makes me

Numb and soon you’ll find I am the

Girl you never knew.


Through this emptiness inside

Through the murky tears and lies and

Pushing through all the deceit

Hurting more fulfill the need

Feeling sobbing drowning cold

I never did what I was told


The thoughts you think

No longer pure, trying to stop

But giving in, No fighting back because

They win, no matter what, they always win—


So tell me now, is life better?

Tell me why you think you’ve been

Redeemed, tell me what allows you to sit

On your throne, lashing out insults as if

You were free of unleanliness and dish

Out those judgments since you have never

Made mistakes—One thing I know if

Anything is you are a hypocritical piece

Of work.


So try and magnify my problems and

Try and keep yours hidden, I hope your conspiracies

Backfire and scar your wrists

To spite you.

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790