Lauren Lubas


in walking

and waking

in the taking of you

i found in you


the clamor of candor

and in you i found

you something you

could never find in you


can i find what

i found in you

in me

a birch feather frozen


to the ice in the

inches of ice

i find you in you

and not me in me


in the feet of the forest

i find juniper blue

and rest my head

on yellow cardinal feather


a thousand miles

on these soles

and not found yet

in me what i found in you


no matter how deep

the thrust of you into me

no matter what i feel

in the pit of gore


and slobbered intestine

we cannot connect

and spermicidal chemicals

remain my favorite evolution of man

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790