twerps get lucky

Brennen McDowell


we fell under different tables to

cry "mercy mercy" out

when no one picked up

to help us out from the bottles

that were crashing all around us

and our hands got cut

on the glass shards

on the same pain

of ma-pa failures

and we both almost drowned

from their passion for potions

( potions which only cured a days hurt

but made our lifetimes' )


no wonder we hit

each other with hooks of abandon smiles

our inside selves introduced

hearts covered in stitches

and no friend is better

than the one who thinks

the scars are neat

but also wonders

how bad it hurt to get them


when i take out all my crayons

to paint pencils in our hands

coloring our house

the trash will be out front

on the curb

not inside

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