Abrupt Appearance

Francis Raven

Turn as another, into

but between as never

seen. Never a separate.

A shape that could

have meant, but cannot,

because is not, or

is not now. Each direction

as itself, only and no

between, each species had

to at least be able to exist,

at least. The fossil record

is shallow. The seas are

shallow. We could have

waded. I could not have been

another because there is

no other, at least. Never

a separate. Boats,

I would say, we will get there,

if turning, but could not

possibly remember getting.

We had to sleep. Between

species. Between directions.

The ocean looks the same, shallow.

If I am the sediment, turning

blocks through my hands,

pretending to remember the sounds

of absent animals, but they never,

never were able. Never a separate,

each connected to a distinct,

at least if not worn

this city could be another

before it wasn’t as another, into.

Euphemism Campus Box 4240 Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-4240