Julia Drauden


my body is a swamp.

sweat-springs dampen my hairline-

every crease a warm, sticky

mess of exertion


this swampsmell seeping from my skin

is unfamiliar

where soap is gold and

antibacterial-anything, a new religion


the smell of my body is foreign


inhaling my personal brand of perfume,

stripping it down to its primevality

discovering the true scent of

me - my pheromones, my sweat, and

my self


this sweatsmell staining my skin

is taboo, on par with nose-picking-

the symphony of my organs feeds

on this scent that seeps into my

uncharted corporeality


bodysaints and fairytale beauty

blind me into the damning submission

of intangible memes that demand I admit

a swamp is an ugly thing.


in my mind, this swamp is as good

as any Caribbean timeshare;


this swamp is as good as mine

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790