the why and the how

jenna goldsmith


eyes are frantic when the generational groan is covered

an anul sob is the extent of my relief

ingesting the rotten eggs and

"put it in your eye you fuckin dyke" but

straight mama he's ignorant and you don't have an in

you're daughter is one of them

today i get to be curtain twitcher

but yesterday i munched on carpet, but i also read a book at the library

and my roommate flicks beans, but she also teaches truth in a classroom

and my love is a dyke, but she's also a mentor to a little girl with braids

who calls herself "T"


and the cubicle walls are thin and nothing cuts like the tongue of

a bored farmer's wife

who takes it up the labonza herself

just housewives in drag


but why but why she asks

when it's in my walk

and it's in my hair and its in my tattoos

but why why she asks

when it's in my voice

and my tattoos and the marks on my arms

and the marks on my legs and in my hair

and the rotten eggs in my hair

and there is vomit on my shoes so shitting doesnt work anymore

chipped my tooth on the porcelain in a rage of thirst

cause i'm not better than a dog's tongue lapping in a spinal thrust

buy why why she asks

when he doesn't even know you

but it's in my walk and my hair and my tattoos and my scars


for as much as it is in me, it is in you

haunting you in daymares

where i'm waiting

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