Vol.3 Issue.2

I’ve been writing on and off for years now. It’s something I always come back to. Sometimes I don’t do it enough when I’m not in writing classes. This story was written Fall Semester 2007. It doesn’t have any punctuation.


Nick Kaminsky


i’m here,





when i needs to


i’m at this place, this psychadelic happ---happ---happ---happ---happening

there aint no walls and there aint no floor and we’re all a big waterbed of jel.ly-dancing

theres this frame floating without walls and its telling us all how we grind


a satin cloaked scruff, a baseball hat and a brown plateau

you here the shit, you know the shit

this guy this hipster this motherfucker who knows what the score is he made the scoreboard for christs sake

this illusion a trick a man named kyle hes a kyle abcdefg


he slides amoeba slides all around the kitchen


hes a crafty cookie a troubled raft in a three foot fountain lets swim! lets swim. lets fuckin swim


he pulls me to one side, walls, washer, dryer, kisses, loves, he tells “


a motherfucker grabbed my dick


he says he grabbed him they were making out and kyle didn’t need want whats the score on that time out! time out!

not on the first date

the mtherfucker the translucence screams without volume ha ha durp ha

we chase whiskey whiskey crème whiskey with fruit


girls laugh and girls can sneer and me and kyle kiss and we hide in the refrigerator and

we’re both postmodernists and cable jockey lovers

we say words and the walls aren’t there still but one is and we see it

sidetracked i get loops around the house loops and time frames thirty one minutes different and its great


a blackout walkhome and this pleasurable little show


Euphemism Campus Box 4240 Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-4240