Thomas Kwaitkowski


Once, at summer camp, we were asked

to make macaroni portraits.

We were given glue and elbow noddles,

to paint and create a master piece.


I sat at a desk, looked at the noddles,

then I looked at the glue, then the teacher,

the noddles again, the clock, the yellow paper

i was given to glue my noddles on, the noddles

again, the wooden desk, this strange little bug

that had this neat little black spot on its

green back and only five legs, a divot driven

into the wooden desk because someone was

bored, the noddle again, the glue, the teacher,

the clock hasn't moved since I looked at it,

the noddles again, the bit of breakfast I split

on my shirt, which tasted a tad bit funny even

now, my shoes, the noddles again,

the door, the clock moved I swear it did,

the noddles again, and finally the paper.


I didn't quite understand the process of this

but the glue tasted good so i followed the


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