Eleven thoughts on stick figures:

Thomas Kwaitkowski



I once watched two stick figures fight.

one lost his arm

He used it as a sword to

kill the other figure.



A stick figure worked at a

computer coding,

in binary

Because anything else would be

difficult without hands

They must be smarter than us.






Two stick figures sat across each

other, one has a bag

the other a bracelet

They hug

The braceleted one now has the bag

Stick figures are thieves



Can a knife harm a stick figure, or

does he let it pass

underneath his arm?



I watched a stick figure run from two

stick cops

He turned flat against the wall and they

ran past him

I shot the wall instead

A flat figure falling makes funny

noises when it hits the ground.



A stick dog played catch

with his stick master with a stick

The stick dog ran

The stick dog returned

The stick's master wants his leg back

Stick dogs are smarter than a stick's master.



Three was originally done with sticks

They went on strike

It is now written with scabs



Do running stick figures move?

Or do the panels move instead?



Two stick figures having sex.

Kinky, ain't it?



two stick figures

play basketball

The third watches from the benches


minus his head.



there would be twelve but

stick figures are bastards

No really, they have no idea

who their fathers are...

or their mothers.

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