Praise Gaia, Protect Jane

Caitlin Lee


Kneel before your reason of petition

As knights kneel before a noble

Embrace those in proximity

Of your ascending ascending aorta

Touch warm palm paws and cross legs

In a chain of buoyant humanity

As we begin our creed.


Let us not

Masquerade this petition in

Protection of the petitioned

And those petitioning.


Jane Elizabeth Lee

Protector of

Women’s faces.

Jane Elizabeth Lee

Protector of

Animal tails.

Jane Elizabeth Lee

Protector of

Elderly bodies.


Gracious Jane

Oathful Elizabeth

Meadowy Lee


Daughter of Helen and John

Sister of Margaret, Mary, Carolyn, Kay and James

Middled by unchoice.


Jane Elizabeth Lee

Roots bedded in Skokie,

Northbrook and Ottawa



Travelers trust her direction and adroitity

Behind the wheel of great Pace


Women saved by healing hands

Pulled from swollen darkness and maple splinters.

Women awake in bedded shelter of lives diminished

To femalions, but she will save them from death


Old men loved by an immeasurable heart and angelic smile

All close to her touched by a harmonious occurrence

On the street in a grave in a cage on a flower


Jane Elizabeth Lee

With gay desire, this ass

embly calls upon for your protection.



Earthly Goddess!



Heavenly bosomed

Defined of awesomeness

All knowing and Atomless.



Roll over in

Happy awakening at our need.

Let living and

Non-living regulate

The surface of life.



Shoot Blazing Stars

Out the cracked bottom

Bounce o’ Prairie Phlox

Bounce o’ uneven petals

Til’ She loves you.



Rise out of rocks

Starved or Tall

Split Lake

Flush out your grime

And signal your arrival

Skipping rocks

Down the river

Until they rest finely on the bottom

Of a lake.



Protect the heroine of

Triumph and Love.


Earthly Goddess

Protect her from homeless metastatic invaders

Protect her from adipose tissue

Protect her from perverted growths in her gonads

Protect her from atypical, btypical, ctypical depression

Protect her from tumors in her lungs

Protect her from Alzheimer's

Protect her from celluar demons of her future

For they are all unwanted.


Earthly Goddess

Protect her from gruesome falls

For her two-wheeled pastime is centered on balance

And yellow pick-ups are targets of canary hunters.

Protect the natives of these rocks and rivers

For she knows who slept here first.

Protect her spirit from those that wish to damage

For not all who wander, find good fortune.

Protect her from shame of toppling Jenga towers

For the trash that spills from her mouth would crawl back in.

Protect her from homophobes, philophobes and Janophobes

For they hurt her loved ones and still she tries to save them.

Protect her love from saddness and saddness from deafeat

For she puts family before others and others before herself.


Earthly Goddess

Protect her from sinkholes, hailstorms and wildfires

For Midwest plains are bear traps of the grandest kind.

Protect her from famine and oil spills

For they would sicken her spirit, body and hair.

Protect her from gatherings of nonsense

For the green bean casserole is gooier than usual.


Earthly Goddess

Protect the beauty snaking her mind

For her compassion is her salvation.

Protect her cheek from tears

For Earthly beauty is slipping away.

Protect the chipmunks and bald eagles

For there cannot be the mighty without the small.

Protect the wolves and snails

For every animal that runs, another will scoot.

Protect the canines, for they have a special place in her.

Protect Sprite, her non-mythical companion

Black, white and jumpy, stocky and wet and spoiled.


Earthly Goddess

Protect her from past nightmares and cerebral struggles.

Let the Giant Irish Elk, noble and gone, swiftly carry her

From yellow atmosphere to purple sea.

Protect her fantastical shrubbery

For Butterfly Milkweed is small and orange

To attract the wings of otherworldly beauty.

Protect New England Asters

For they are the fireworks of horticultural celebration.

Protect the Cup Plant

For its height and imitation of the sun make bubblers

for small buzzers.

Protect ladders into the sky

For each stands tall in their field.

Protect the Red Oak

For its climbable branches and broccoli strut.

Protect the Black Oak

For it explodes in all directions towards the sun.

Protect the White Oak

For it is untamed and fertile.


Earthly Goddess

Protect Janie from thoughts of sorrow,

Words of misfortune and troubling calls.

Protect her from erratic toasters,

Revolting wires and closing doors.

Protect her from broken chairs, jagged screens

And hidden potholes.

Protect her from large mole rats, unwelcome bats

And moldy 3-layer cake.

Protect her from aching knees, woozy ears

And fuzzy vision.

Protect her from poor pleads, silly soliloquies

And useless utterances.



Praise you who awoke in our plea.

Praise you for considering our creed.

Praise you for protecting another protector.

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790