Virginia Reston


from Vernon Hills


They never cant not catch me now,

in my suburban paradise. Alls my friends

dress like judd nelson and

smokey-smokey outside the 7-(helleven),

laughing like Smokey-Smokey the b-Bear.

I got the jakes, quakes, fakes, lakes of spittle

onna my uhh brittle cracker fingers; I got the

shakes in jukin jive, caus

alls the schoolhouse rock (-ettes) and johnnyboy fetes

got the pith piddle when f-f-Feeny

(Feeny the Bear market) writes

abandon all hope ye who enter

on the bebop whiteboard. They

don-don-dont watch the Cos to laugh,

caus the laughtrack curdles alls

the affirmative action in their paleface

plaster race. I got judd nelson friends

who got molly ringwald girls in silk and lace,

rubbin wet script ink onna uhh

each other, anna they uhh just leave town,

caus daddy don’t want black on his girl.

Anna I know uhh th-that Feeny (the Bear market)

and Belding got molly ringwald girls in silk

and lace, but the gut smut says it aint

rape if they keep it white; white bright like

cokeheads-s-s bloodred locker room floor –

they never cant not keep away from

just a little taste of silk and lace.

abandon all hope ye who enter

says the redhead (-ette) that

cant, aint, dont know the street

I pulls up – up onna black asphalt strip uhh

anna Uncle Sam come c-cradling me.

She got more colors than me, but I know

I gonna see a real black boy at college,

caus college come cradling.

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790