Stephen Shoup  


blue plastic, lead weights, plastic shavings, plastic scuff marks

circular impressions, or carpet indentations


hold hands in that picture

the body isn’t hidden

it’s right here, see


the smell of their searching leather gloves

the seat backs, floorboards, skin cells on the backseat middle belt?


tight men black like sausages with yellow straws

comb Illinois canals

looking for her body in boats of six


what strange little colonies we have in this drift-dream (no sand, no pine)

tape echoes to daddy on repeat, opening orchestral prime-time news horns,

just news, daddy, don’t cry


her voice bottomed out in December

too fuzzy for the tiny speakers

to hold in their black pulse


the opening shots are closing around, click


Euphemism Campus Box 4240 Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-4240