Vol.3 Issue.2

Artist Statement

My artistic intent in this piece of poetry is to represent the mood of an east village party, remnant of the beat era, and through a trickle down of generations, also represents the young, fluid minds of times today.

With soul and jazz vibe influences, I tried to create a movement and a beat throughout the poem, inspired by way one moves carrying a wine glass, drunk, and gracefully weaving through a crowd, trying not to spill.

In praise of my hometown, New York City, this poem portrays the sophisticate mood of a hazy gathering – the exclaiming of invitations to stay at one’s pad; the mood is nomadic, and I wanted to provoke a loose style of life, in which one moves where the crowd goes without hesitation or thought of schedules and appointments.

Midnight Prose at Downtown Party

Sara Dylan Zarett


Dippy dances of heady beer guests,

Sip wine from crystal flower stalks.

See my city, see my window

See my bright sky - sweet 4 o’clock


Recite my fate in Blakean prose

Cheers to the sunrise – squint ray denial.

Hum me a tune - and so it goes…

Here we lean - how long is a while?


Feeling fly and feeling up

Testing balance with two feet down

Feel good spirits feather cheek bone folds

Stay here, stay up, stay east downtown


Riddle me Guthrie, a tramp stamp soul

Feeling whole – I am a funking freak

Discus deejay, soul fly vibes and jellyrolls

Stay here, stay cool, stay throughout mid-week

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790