Vol. 4 Issue 2

Artist Statement

This is a liberating piece for me. I wrote this because I felt the need to release certain emotions that were holding me back from succeeding. I compared life to fire, because at one point in our lives we are at our prime and when compared to the fire, we burn bright. I used the different colors of a fire to describe basic human emotions that we will all go through in life. There will always be people that will take advantage of you, but you have to remember that you are never alone and that people will be there for you. Sometimes it takes some soul searching to find these people.


Mary McMahon


In some sort of human combustion.


A burst of flames.


I will burn brighter than the sun.


You will want to watch.


I will dare you to watch.


In an essence of yellow, red, orange.


A mix of joy, happiness, the time of my life.


A mix of hate, insecurity, the bitterness.


A mix want, need, the fire.


I will burn endlessly.


Through the dew of dawn.


Through the midst of day.


Through the dusk of night.


And when the flames die to cinders, someone will come and throw my ashes in a fit of joy.


 They will kick them, spit on them, and leave them all alone.


And finally, one day, someone will come along.


Gather my remains and mourn.


For they know how it feels to be set on fire.


A mix of joy, happiness, the time of your life.


A mix of hate, insecurity, the bitterness.


 A mix of want, need, and the burning desire to be set on fire...




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