Vol 4 Issue 2

Artist Statement

While writing this, I felt confident in the person who I am, today. I would think about how lucky I am to be alive in this world, when there is so much going on that can threaten it. The main point of this poem is to realize that although you may have a bad day, there could be worse and the sun will always rise for you. Life is what you make it and you should take every day as a new chance to start over.


Mary McMahon


As I wake up in the grassy morning, in a daze that no one else can feel
As I walk over and ponder on the sweet smell of sympathy for the sun
As it is waking up into a world of loss and destruction.
For some reason it keeps rising as if it were meant to rise even in the darkest days of the darkest world.
And as I sit on my bead I realize that not only does the sun rise, but my day has begun into a new chapter of life.
Although life can be equally wonderful and wrong, we shall live on the days of infamy, greatness, and song.
So as the sun gets higher up in the pale sky of a September morning,
The birds scream in a whisper of music and the trees sway in dance
For even in a world of hate and worry, it gives love a chance.

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