I'll See You In Another Life, When We Are Both Cats (click to listen)

Steve Cimino

The black door in the back of my mind is wide open
It’s been swinging free from the lock and the slam that it’s used to
The warm breeze creeping under my sheets has replaced you
I haven’t been sleeping so well, wrapping my arms around the dreams of what may be


It’s been a long time since I have felt like this
And since the world’s been at my fingertips
Still there’s so much that I miss, I can’t get over this
When my whole future is in my past


Sway me with your breeze and strip me of my leaves
My branches will tap on your window and keep you awake tonight
Cut me down to size and undress me with your eyes
I’ll bother you just about as long as you’ll let me


So now my guitar tries to sing me to sleep
I haven’t made it through the night in weeks
And I’m sure that you’re having no trouble at all
I swear that these nights drive me out of my head
While you’re there with a new boy inside of your bed
It’s knocked me to my knees and forced me to crawl

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