A Quixotic Thought Inspired By Pound…Canto 79

Rachel Forbes


Oh moonside nebula floating
                                                An equestrian dream
Latent squozen showgut
   Ardent & swollen
Shitbrick of twine
            …were it not old & leaksy

Shew! HARK

Stallion with a gimp
                        Dirty pig pens await.

oDd were it not
    Semblancing of a dot
                                                Burlesquean vignette
Cookie smashed in fishnet
‘Tiz none but Ezra Pound
            How lovely & sneedsie you looney-loo feezy
                        Mister “Me PISAN everything!”
The wombat concurs
                                    Your PIS is acidic,
                                                                 Mostly when eaten with crackers, mostly.

La dee fleepin’ daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, you can PISAN things E-Z-R-AAAA!!
                          So can Dante and little fannyboo
                                    Kiss the hand of [      ] times two
            Did Lynyrd inspire your birds on a wire?
One on six off two sideways three across nine backwards four corn sixty-eight upside up
            _____ birds akin to a wire…

But, Skynrd said you were free.
            BIRDIE! BIRDIE! FREE! FreebirdiebirdiebirdiebirdieBiRd, sir

T-welve guppies on
                        Siamese TrAMPolines.
thirsty thirsty no water for slurping, tunnels exerted
                                    Guppies = DRY!  (like hardened PLAy-TO..philosophize me) junebug~
Alas…una caja llena de sangre verde
            He says, ‘a box full of green blood….’
                                    Is What Makes The Sun Come Up.

Interesting contextualization sunnysidetwistedovereasyscrambled…
                                                                                                Jumble of brain pain
Cantos are conceited strains of murky
elucidated sayings…                    
                                              Figure 8 concentrate
For PRISON is the elixir of life
                           to a lackey amid the
                                                            sky full of        rye


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