Vol.3 Issue.2

Philip Byron Oakes lives in Austin, Texas. His work has appeared in numerous journals, including Otoliths, Switchback, Cricket Online Review, Sawbuck and Taiga. His first book, Cactus Land (77 Rogue Letters), is forthcoming and should be out in late 2008 or early 2009.

Cliff Diving

Philip Byron Oakes


The shape of things to come as

you are. The iridescent arc, of the

salamander’s leap from the cold

passion of the cave, building

bridges meeting water halfway.

Concisely statuesque. The

mollycoddlers, in their paisley

mumus, consensually rising like

turbid floodwaters, in grievous

allegiance to the wholesome

charm of the long missing link.

The swift courses in algebra,

leaving the boat people to grasp

at logarithms. A house of

common gestures. As you rise

above an upbringing, to sink that

serpentine putt on the 18th hole

of a Russian novel. An

intermission in the gravity of

existence. The penultimate, if

only this once.


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