Jaimie Gleissner


Alright, how do I do this? Think, Lex, think. Take a look around. Wow! Their's is really going over there. Wonder how they did that. Ok, what about that guy? Looks like he's just setting up camp. Crap! It's dying again! LIGHTER FLUID – Safe!


What's he doing? Newspaper? Tried that, well notebook paper – same thing. Keep pushing paper, it'll catch. It has to. Wait a second, why is he snapping that fallen branch into pieces? What's he doing? Aw hell, it's worth a shot,

I'm flippin' hungry. Crap! There it goes! LIGHTER FLUID – Safe!


Twigs, twigs, twigs, twigs, twigs. God damnit! There goes the flame! Calm down, Lex, break the sticks, and start over. What's the word for these little sticks anyway? Uhh... kindling? Yeah, that sounds right.


So what's he doing over there? He's got his wood set up like a tepee – so's mine. He's got paper at the bottom – me too. What about the sticks? Looks like he's setting them around the logs. Yeah, I'll give that a shot.


Hey, HEY! It's working! Not bad. I'm out of twigs though. Good lord, please stay lit. I can't eat another cold hot dog. Is that? No way. It is! Haha! That log is burning – so's that one! I did it! I'm the greatest camper alive! Hot dogs and mallows! Hot dogs and mallows!


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