Artist Statement: My poetry is often based on real occurrences which have then been filtered through my imagination where they encounter a wide array of influences.  Small, seemingly insignificant events in this process can become a source of profound insight.  A leaf on the ground shaped like a heart and the color of blood morphs into an epiphany.  A love not realized turns into a version of the Arthurian legend.  A fortune cookie reveals the source of divine inspiration.  This is my everyday life, the magic of which I try to capture in words. 


Camelot Revisited

Megan Gorsuch

I sense your gaze dear lady
And when your face is
Turned upwards towards his
I know you sense mine.
I plead that our eyes will
Not meet
As all my restraint would melt
Into the folds of your dress.

Honor binds us to our separate
You to him and me to nothing
For without you that is all I have
Kind Angel, dull my senses as
She walks by


                So that I cannot smell
                Her desire
                So that I cannot see
                Her backwards glance
                So that I do not wish
                To taste the salt of her sweat


Like a beggar I wait for
Her smile; like a thief I long to steal
Moments of her time.
Yet guarded we tread
As passion is a poor chaperone.
And in my pursuit of
Her love I have
Bartered my honor
For the hope
That I will one day
Just for a moment
Run my fingers over her lips.

Our souls are of a
More chivalrous time
And yet we meet now.
In our story I would be Lancelot
And you Guinevere.
You will remain true to your beloved
And my heart will die in the quest to
Forget you.


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