When the Demons Come

Shelley Singler

1. Into (top C Strings- 4 string fret 2-Em) repeat (B-Em-B-Em)
2. When the sun goes down (G-Em-G-Em)
3. The demons come (G-Em)
4. To make you numb (G-Em)
5. They will take your soul too (G-Em)
6. If you let them pass through (G-Em)
7. The Devil will come for you(C-Em-G-Em)
8. If he can claim you (C-A-G-Em)
9. When he comes (Em-G-Em)
10. The street lamps will all go out (C-Em-G-Em)
11. And the air will get cold (Em-D-C-Em)
12. (Em-A) repeat
13. Stand Up (G-Em)
14. For a fight (G-Em)
15. And fill your soul (G-Em)
16. With the light (G-Em)
17. You better pray (Em-D-C-G)
18. It’s only way (Em-D-C-G)
19. To save the day (Em-D-G-Em)
20. God hears a cry (Em-C-G)
21. From below the sky (Em-G)
22. He sends his angels (E-G)
23. To your aid (D-A)
24. When they come(E-G)
25. The darkness will fade(D-A)
26. Feel the power from within you(Em-C-G-C7)
27. It is the light of heart so true (Em-C-G-C7)
28. Your light will guide you through the Dark (Em-C7-D-A-C7)

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