Benjamin Kaufman


From the First Chair to the Last
monsters rule in pinstripe suits
blank white faces all smiles,
Come give U.S. a hug.
stabbed in the back by the pen
homes held down
beaten and oil bleeds out,
Drowning in red
money so light it floats from pockets
IMF World Bank
suck the red from your veins


born in debt
hunched trudging through the pain
backs broken sweat runs out
bent, ashen, a crying soul
Throw another baby on the fire
it’s getting cold on this pedestal,
No one noticed
kick it under the rug.


Pinstriped Man on the necks of dying
throw some dirt on it walk it off.
The world’s police this modern Atlas
Africa weighs too much,
maybe it goes down smooth with French fries
choke as it goes down
the policeman’s a glutton


join the death squads they will feed you.
Watch out for your family in the killing fields
bony legs broken in the mass grave
One column in the back of the paper
10 pages after Marmaduke’s shenanigans
nightmares with Imperial gravy
hear no evil see no evil.


Pinstripe monster pushing buttons
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
amazing puppet show
can hardly see the strings
dance puppets dance
Fannon says kill em all
these black skin and white masks


The newest injuns
homes for beans
Whole sale prices for overstocked weapons
Colt carbines, AK-47’s, RPG’s,
ends and means.
smoke and mirrors
watch the slight of hand
now you see it
now we’ve taken your land


Keep your tired, your poor,
hide your huddled masses yearning still to breath.
I shade my lamp to hide the door
Until the time that you can stand
on shit your children still will teeth

Euphemism Campus Box 5555 Illinois State University Normal, IL 61790