Speak I

Anthony DeSantis


the people passed the shit-stained sidewalk
and I cringed and cursed as I cross the crack-strewn concrete
but no one seemed to notice Me
noone no one no, one.
collectively seen as part of the shit
conceptually perceived as part of the crack.


the gutters spilled the rain’s secrets in spheres screaming
(taptaptap taptaptap taptaptap taptaptap taptaptap)
like beats from a snare. steady
even as the sweat skipped down My neck
weaving around hair follicles and bitter reveries


I am the toxic dream.
I am the toxic dream.
I am the toxic dream
I am the toxic dream.


I could spin my words to thread
and hide my uninspired thoughts
-I’ve always been a fan of brunettes:
so I guess it’s shit I’ll be talking-
I could spin threads to make you weep
but I rather spin threads that make you think
better yet, I’ll spin threads that make you dream.
(not My dream. I wouldn’t do that to you)

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