Artist Statement:

From my minimal writing experience I have learned but one truth: If you create something that truly speaks to you then chances are you will not be alone.

King Reason

Nicolas Jager


The salty air scatters the last loose laying divided rocks across the sunken sad shoreline
The slow rolling swells rise from the surface and diminish like sinking giants at my feet
I am king in this fabricatious emptied world with the absence of worry and woe
All I have is time to take its toll on the bony banks of my ancient relic realm


Yes my world is old now aged with the face of unkind war waged years
Dust falls from its crusted edges as it slowly turns the cogs of piercing perpetuality
The sepia washed skies hold no resemblance of what once was brilliant azure
All that remains is this lonesome sea and her lonesome king of olden days


All that once was has long since been lost to the falling sands of eerie eras
All but the sea and me with all the reckless reason in the weathered world
I am the king of all this and all of the dead decaying earth is my king
To be forgotten is a peaceful paradise to pontificate for eternity

Euphemism Campus Box 4240 Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-4240