Artist Statement:

From my minimal writing experience I have learned but one truth: If you create something that truly speaks to you then chances are you will not be alone.

The Wind and the Waves

Nick Jager

The touch of time has made me weary
Every time the sun sets softly and tears the sky open with brilliant orange
I feel it in my bones
The sad, sick reminder that everything is fleeting
But the wind calms the synapses and the waves sunder the silence
And I'm in the grass, and you are there
A hand in mine, a piece of time frozen…still
A moment fabricated for no other reason but bliss
Unequivocal, untarnished, completely saturated bliss
But does this not exist?
I can find more facts, charts, and figures that disprove than prove it
What happened here
What happened to the wind, to the waves
Were they drown out by the buildings and the streets all paved
Were the fields covered and the beaches turned to glass
When did the world start moving so fast
I'm done with where I'm at
I'm going back
You should come with me
You should see what I have seen
A hand in mine
A moment in time
Where no one can reach us
The only sound the wind and the waves
The wind and the waves

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