Artist Statement:

In the beginning God allegedly created the earth and humans and (for their own good) denied them one fruit. Like any teenagers denied one thing, it naturally became desirable. Eve, in an act that set the still-relevant stereotype for women, took the first bite and then peer pressured good Adam into following her bad example. So now I wonder - did the presumably male author of Genesis get that whole original sin thing wrong? Did Eve fall for her sin of rebellion, or because she betrayed herself in letting Satan manipulate her? Why would an all-knowing parent even make such a rule? Perhaps he wanted Eve and Adam to know about rebellion, so much that he engineered a quest for them to embody rebellion in its basest sense and in doing so have a complete knowledge of good and evil. Eve's first sin then wasn't about disrespecting God or even about giving into temptation. Eve's original sin was the opposite. It wasn't about her decision, but rather her willingness to give someone else her decision. It wasn't because she ate the fruit, but because she gave her power away.

I'm sick and tired of a fulfilled life being realized only when the girl gets saved by a tortured hero with a frigid-marble-rock-cock (no matter how sparkly) who claims he's there for protection when really he wants to simply mount her and drink her blood. There is another way to feel passion. There is another way to have power. Eve gave hers away to a manipulator, but the rest of us don't have to.

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