Wooden Contentment

Kate Stasiak

it was innocent
we were innocent
perched in that willow
or was it a maple
something about that scent

that taste
of autumn
a bite of crisp air
with pink stained lips

soggy sneakers
jumping bean
red mittens
kept secret

your hands were smaller than mine
but i didn't mind
as you carefully
wiped the steam from
the windows on my face

revealing a soft smile
and even softer eyes
with flecks of gold
gathered like constellations
sprinkled carefully

circling around the black hole
in the center
as the face staring back at me

leaves made
shadows on leaves
on the tree
on you


the shadows
made me look
dark too
and for some reason
that made it okay

for me to reach
squeeze your hand
a jumping bean
red mitten
in autumn breeze with
shadow leaves


i called you beautiful
you called me pale

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