Scientifically Speaking...

Nicolas Walker


I sit around
The room stays warm while
outside it's frigid.


If there is faith
who will give it
Look around at all the eyes,
their "fags" "assholes" and lies
Focus in on what you say.


Do it again: rewind.
Turn on the microscope, scrape your cheek
"You" are just a composite-


If there was a place
with no contact to the outside world
Doesn't knowing about it
ruin the point?


The hugest spider in human history
keeps more and more space
between you and me


Between here and the end of time
A trillion years
Nothing really ever ends
Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, helium
Labels for legos, logos, pathos


The stuff of stars is the stuff of me
We can't really really end
We'll just stop spinning

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