Artist Statement:

As I write I never try and express or force an idea rather I write because the feelings and words come to my mind and are distributed through my pen.  I begin a phrase when the idea comes and it always ends itself. 

It is not something I monitor or control, the art of my words uses my body as its outlet to the world.
My ideas and meanings come from personal experiences, people, issues in life, and simple images of events in time.  Love, death, beauty, nature, and breath are some of the many inspirations that I have when writing. 

Many of my inspirations come from nature, art, and relationships.  Relationships with people and how we interact as well as comprehend what life has given us.  As I would like to explain my work I choose not to because I would like to allow the reader the full potential to create and connect to my work on their own.  I am always curious as to how a person feels after reading my work whether it be positive or negative. 

I am very expressive and only hope that my work will influence others to feel and explore an emotion or to just sit back and reflect on situations in their life.  Life is not interesting without art and to share art is one of the best gifts we can share with the world.

Reality of Romance

Keri Lynn Wilson


Sand sprays against his legs as he walks along the shore.
At the same moment raindrops are falling on her...
As he goes farther on his path she is feeling invisible.
As the sunset glistens a memory washes up on shore.
As he passes by he stops and seeks silence.
For it is within the timeless beauty of the water droplets on the petals as the flower lies in the

sand that he envisions her face. 
He captures that moment and delivers it to her.
As the storm peaks it suddenly changes its course as her heart fills with the warmth of the sand

beneath his feet.
As the clouds break and the light shines down on her; he sits down in the sand holding the glistening flower and smiles as though through this single moment distance was recognized not as an obstacle... But as a romantic gift that graces the world’s shores...

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