Tragic Youth: The Unfortunate Poem of Many

Dylan Brunenkant


Such a little nit wit, quick wit, dip shit.
Here hit this, hold it, get lit.
Parents pissed. Need time.
One Line.
Lost Mind.
Cant find Satisfaction,
So he keeps blastin'.
Life’s passin'.
Then One bump
One fuck, 
Bad Luck, new lifestyle, new child
One wife. Changed life.
New perspective,
Different objective,
God he’s investin'
Call him his new friend.
Don’t ask how
Parents so proud.
Then one night,
One fight,
One light.
Old friend
Back Again.
No change
So grave
No options, no range, feelings the same
Masked pain
Same page
Different day
Same thing
No ring, waiting for her call.
Beginning to fall
Ripped heart
New start…Not happenin'
So he just does what he did.
Same friend goes away
Until pay day, then back to say hey.
Futures gray and black
One day goes in doesn’t come back
Parents cry, girl shouts, kid pouts.
Big accident
The papers print.
So young
No love
Society shrugs.
Why care, why bother
Just one more lost father.
One more statistic
But left behind in minds
Something that will stick
Every action has a consequence .
That can affect many men
I just have a question;
Is the genocide that’s self inflicted ever going to end
Or do we got to watch our generation get high fade away and die?

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