Issue 6.1 Fall 2010


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Artist Statement:

To my Mom,Dad, and Sister for always supporting my writing. Also to my Grandpa and my Uncle, who both introduced me to the magic of music. God bless each of you.


The Anonymous Musician Club

Matthew Del Fiacco


Each second is precious and necessary, they always were in Everet’s plans. Things had to work like clock work, otherwise they would more than likely get caught, there was no room for error. Cecilia sighed and got off the bench she had been sitting on. She walked over to the barrier and looked over it at the main floor of the mall. It was busy, even for a Saturday, with a lot of kids around the fountain, it made her nervous. She took a deep breath, but it didn't keep her hands from shaking. Any second now, she thought, there will be no turning back. She saw Mason on the main floor hanging around a pop machine, he looked nervous too. It confused Cecilia why Mason would be nervous, he was fantastic, probably one of the best she had ever heard, he could be professional. But he was here, that's what counts, she thought. Suddenly Cecilia felt a hand brush her back and leave, if she wasn't already nervous that would have done it, but now it just made it worse. Cecilia jumped and saw a blond haired figure walking away. Everet, she thought to herself as she relaxed a little bit. That was they way with Everet, as charismatic and caring as he was, he wasn't a man of many words. When he decided to talk though, he could convince just about anyone to do just about anything. Cecilia looked back towards the main floor and Mason was gone, but there were a few kids she recognized. She didn't know them by name, but she knew that today they would be playing the roll of black jackets.

All at once, Cecilia’s thoughts ceased. A deafening noise rang through the air, and Cecilia bolted to the stairs. As she reached the top of the stairs, Cecilia saw the black jackets running in, carrying the equipment, generators, and a few stands, all preset to do exactly what needed to be done. Cecilia thought they looked cool, all wearing the pitch black leotards that covered their bodies and the plain white masks. While she was watching, a man in a mask who Cecilia knew was Adam, gave her a light push and handed her a mask of her own. Cecilia was taken back by how extravagant the mask was,  it covered the top half of her face and was decorated with bright red swirls and feathers. She put the mask on and started running to the fountain to help.  Mason got to the fountain first, helping the black jackets get everything in place, and he quickly sat on his thrown, sticks in hand, waiting. Jack quickly followed, and even with his blue and white mask on, Cecilia knew he was smiling like a kid before Christmas. The fire alarms stopped, and people in the near by food court stopped panicking, and began to get curious, or scared. Either way, the alarms were finished and Mason and Jack were the only ones in place. Everet is really gonna let us have it, thought Cecilia. She reached the base of the stairs, and as she did Adam jumped into the fountain and caught the guitar that was thrown to him. He swung it on like it was an art, and stood ready. Security guards began to show up, only two though. For a second they hesitated as they look at the speakers set up around the fountain, until they both got hit by black jackets. Cecilia hated that part, but Everet assured everyone it was necessary, and Everet had it all planned out. Everet knew every last detail of the mall, the security around it, and the personnel, so if this was going to work, it was only possible if you listened to Everet. Cecilia reached the stage, took the mic that was handed to her, and felt her worries flee her body as Jack pulsing bass line crawled into her veins. Adam started playing as well, and slowly Cecilia lost herself to the music. “No more worries,” she thought, “no more shy little Cecilia, this is my moment.” As soon as Mason began drumming, more guards showed up, and adults in the mall started trying to leave. Cecilia was amazed at the amount of people that stayed though, watching, and waiting, for her. As the black jackets stopped the guards, Cecilia saw her cue from Everet, who was on the second floor looking down. He was the mastermind, he would enjoy the performance.


“We are Never Say Die, get ready!” With the words Cecilia was lost, it is a question to even her if she was still Cecilia. Her voice rang through the halls of the mall, along with the rest of her team. People were cheering, some at least, but Cecilia didn't care. This was the moment she had always dreamed of
 when she was in the back of the classroom writing down lyrics. This was her time to be who she was, to prove to herself that she wasn't shy little Cecilia, and she proved it.


They entered the last chorus of the song, each of them were soaked from the fountain and it made the performance that much better. Adam was spinning violently, and kicking water at the audience and everyone could hear Jack laughing behind his mask. He was having the time of his life, they all were, they were doing what they loved. And even more people now were cheering than before. Mason entered a drum solo, while Cecilia and Jack played cat and mouse on stage. As the song ended, and Adam jump-kicked the symbol, the four began to hear the cheers from the crowd. It was most of the people now, old and young, cheering for them. They took it in as long as they could because within seconds the black jackets were running past them, gathering things and running out side entrances where the police wouldn't be. The four ran with them, and in a minute you wouldn't have been able to tell they were there. It was empty again, with a confused audience, and nine guards tied up near the entrance, as silent as it began. Police began pouring in, telling everyone to hit the floor. As they worked their way through the mall, searching for signs of the people who did it, they found a tall blond haired boy looking down at the fountain. After they told him to hit the ground, they saw what he was looking at. At the edge of the fountain in black spray paint were the words, “The Anonymous Musician Club, we will not be ignored.”

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