Issue 6.1 Fall 2010


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Chloe Nelson


The pupils in her eyes growing in diameter
like the spider weaving his web round.
The hot cauldron bubbling over inside
her - yet her skeleton cringes tighter
against the cold sweat-ing wall.


A foil gum wrapper – the only luminescence
present – she scurries towards it,
spurning my company. I urge
her to stop her carping.
Yet she searches still,
As her clock-stamped father always has,
for their invidious incandescence.
First fire, than lanterns, and now 12-watt bulbs
to blotch my beauty or fill my void that ceases
to exists.


That same night,
that she tore from my grasp,
I soaked in her tears
as she sealed her lids and forgot
about the worrisome day.
Unconscious, I let
innocence sway in her soul.


Faithfully, I stood before
the sun , moon , and stars –
beside God. And good
was light and man, but me –
a beloved saint – I was not!
My dignity, instead, cast into the clutch
of Lucifer in Hades.


Yet, I still shaded
her in her mother’s womb
When she was too weak to bear
the burns of the world.


So should I not be distraught?
Because she has distorted me
and depraved me, like debased
bibles, from my sacred intentions-
I only ask to be hallowed.

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