greater than or equal to

Daniel Scott


waiting for the glare to fade with blood and spunk across my face,
had my birth been any lower


i might feel a bit betrayed,
i might erase the heraldry which blazons in my place.


all my bastard godsons come in trinities and triads,
with names in every taken oath if i need to be reminded,


for my only misbegotten,
it's a threeway in a coffin,
god that suffered once too often,


ask me where my name is,
no biography to hide on this side of the faultline


where the common age divides,


magnates wind up elsewhen just to gain a christian name,


the better to denominate in sacred disarray,
namesakes wage and fake my grace, another godhead takes my place,
kill myself in self-defense,
my keycard and my soul if you let me fuck your reticence,


i can’t relate to heavens


filled with levitating sprites,

flexed a token gesture before giving up the christ
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