Artist Statement:

In case it wasn’t already obvious, I eat a lot of breakfast cereal. This poem was brewing in the deepest reaches of my mind for years now, even if I wasn’t fully aware of it. It finally burst into life one midmorning after I got out of my English 100 class and headed to the dining center for some brunch. The opening lines came to me as I was getting myself a bowl of Fruit Loops (which, sadly, didn’t make the final cut of breakfast references), and the rest flowed out quite naturally from there. Writing this poem was quite a bit of fun for me, since I haven’t written much poetry since high school, and I really liked how it turned out. But I don’t want to pat myself on the back too hard. I hope you all enjoy it, and I look forward to contributing more in the future.

Saturday Morning Delight

Philip Uebbing

If our Lucky Charms hold true,
I’ll be your Captain of Crunch
upon a sea of blue, whose waves
wash the pebbles, both chocolate
and fruity.

I look into your eyes and see
the dusting of Cinnamon-Sugar Swirls,
and I hope when yours meet mine
your thoughts are filled with a strong sense of Oat and Honey,
with a daily dose of dietary Fiber.

At the store, my box may have said
I was good for you,
but take me home and see how true my advertisers were.
Sweetness in the morning,
but by high noon you may have wanted a Bagel instead.

When you are full, and I run empty,
throw my world away;
Colorful Packaging
palling in the trash.

Next time we’re at the store, I see
you with a box of Raisin Bran, and your words:
“Swheatie, we all have to grow up sometime,
but I’ll always love you
with Saturday morning cartoons”.

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