The Shadow of Beauty

Jessica Abbinante


As I flipped to the cover of Vogue
skinny model 1,000,000 stared back
like daggers that pierce through the page.
The look embedded in my head.
Her eyes popped out of the paper
screaming mysterious and sly.


The shadow of black smudges
enclosed around her range of vision.
Drawn perfectly and precise.
A brush of darkness opens her eyes
and captures the viewer’s conscious.


A quick flick of the wrist,
I became devious.
I crimped my eyelashes
and turned provocative.


As I glance to my first victim
he’s infatuated with me instantly.
He lingers over to my vicinity
and becomes obsessed with my existence.
The more I examined him
the more he’s hypnotized.


My goal finally accomplished.
I shadowed the beauty of the model.
I flaunted it with pride and exaggeration.
I possessed the primary power
to tempt, tease, and tantalize
the next character who catches
my concentration.  


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