The Trip

Deanna Bruno


I’m nervous, you make me anxious
Hot sweat hits freezing air feel
Clammy blue please meet anxious red
Blur and pulse and kiss
Conceive dread
I wait and I wait and while I’m in the making
I try to focus but I can't see a thing but the time
Right here a force rushes through me so sublime
Such bliss hits hard, but how can this be
A Technicolor haze crawls on each side of me
I swear this can’t be happening
But you make everything hazy
Prototype so bright I feel like I was blind
And I’m finally seeing straight for the first time
Why didn’t I see how beautiful it all was before?
I just know I’m touching the world
And I swear, I swear it squeezes right back
In that moment there is nothing I lack
And I realize anything worth describing
Is indescribable, and it’s amazing
And as my mind is bending
I feel like I know everything
I swear I know everything
But so quick I’m
Zoom out into
Open Space
Two dilated black pools
Reflect the final trace
In each blink
They progressively shrink
I can’t drive home, there's too much at stake

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