Amy Kubica


Kinda like a dirty scandal,
Something that I cannot handle.
Waves will sink you, crash you down,
Silencing the deaf'ning sounds.


Hooking up but breaking friendships,
Just to taste what's on those lips.
Scraping nails across the board,
So that you won't be ignored.


Get a grip on wrong and right.
Feel your way cuz there's no light.
Sleep together but don't slip
And wake up to consciousness.


Having doubts about the pure?
Innocence is nothing more
Than stupid people in their prime
Too naive to see the crime.


Wait your turn or fade away.
Things don't really seem that gray.
Well, there's truth deep in the lie,
But is that what you’re meant to find?


The stuff in life that makes the woes,
Always keeps you on your toes.
Keep in check all your desires
Or you'll forget what you require.


Drag your feet across the floor
Before you even out the score.
Keep this path while you decay –
Big mistake, that's all I'll say.

Euphemism Campus Box 4240 Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-4240