Kathleen Plankenhorn


Every day I wander
But am not lost
 I visit new places
 I learn new things
About myself and others
I make decisions
Whether right or wrong
And I learn from them
I challenge myself
And I challenge others
I wander around everyday
Searching, discovering, learning
I wander but not in search of something
No, when I wander
The things I discover find me
On their own
And I hold onto them
Keep them with me
For this is how I benefit
If I were to lose these discoveries
Then I would truly be lost
But if I accept the discoveries I make
Then even though I wander
I really am not lost at all
I’m where I need to be
I’m travelling down the right road
The right road for me
Not the right road for you
No, your road is very different
And that is why you think I am lost
I’m not
My road is just different
And perfect for me
Like it was designed for me
And though you may not understand
I will continue to say with the utter most confidence
Though it may seem like I wander
I’m really not lost at all

Euphemism Campus Box 4240 Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-4240