Artist Statement:

What I did was write a piece pondering the greatness of backpacking through a country and the greater experience that comes along with it, but with the increasing shrinking of the world, backpacking through places where only natives go, real untainted places of wonder, are becoming smaller and smaller. How I appropriated these pieces was to have to two people appropriate each separately. One is a sound engineer and a musician, a truly creative mind. The other a person who is a very formulated, calculated, a bio-chemistry major, someone who likes form and function. What resulted was an interesting dichotomy of two different papers that are similar in certain ways, such as the words that they chose to highlight or point out at several points turn out to be the same for both, despite the fact that the two were not allowed to look at each other’s appropriation. I gave each of them the same prompt, but other than that, there was no direction.

The reason I had set it up between the two different people was for the reason of seeing how two different people could change a piece if they were told to do so, I wanted to see what would happen to something that I have written, if it was meant to be changed in a creative way, and how that means to the two different types of people. I intentionally made the starting piece as bland and irritating to follow reading as possible, in the hopes that they would be forced to delete sentences by the frustration of the block. What came about is a strikingly different piece from page to page. Enjoy.

Adjusted Paradise

John Schuller



Euphemism Campus Box 4240 Illinois State University, Normal, IL 61790-4240