This piece was inspired by a YouTube video I saw called, “Sailor Moon Sacrifice,” a fan made sixth season for the beloved anime. The plot of the season is Sailor Moon must reunite with her long lost twin Kurai to banish Chaos before it’s to late otherwise she’ll have to kill her sister.

I’m always inspired by the creativity and the depth of strong female characters so I hope I captured that in this piece. I have tried to empathize how each day we are faced with sacrifices and that we need to stand up and chose what is right. My creativity extends to playing with the format of the poem to help showcase the beauty and fantasy of my piece.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Hatmaker for helping me develop this to its full potential, KaosuStudios's for creating and stimulating so many responses on Youtube, Gabe Gudding for allowing me to write this. Most of all I’m proud of myself for showing my point of view and love for one special anime. Thank you.

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